Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the most productive day i've had in god knows how long

by most peoples' standards i accomplished very little, if anything at all, today.  by my standards, i was freakishly productive. things i accomplished today (in no particular order) :

1.  talked my way into more fun prescription meds (and one scary one. side effects include menengitis, seizure, coma, and death. not gonna be filling that one. i'm a bit too attached to living)
2.  wandered borders books for an hour. saw some books that look good. also found some on how to grow  pot should i ever decide i want my life to mimic Weeds
3.  bought pot
4.  went to put it away when i got home and found $40 that i guess i hid a month ago
5.  used that $40 to buy more pot
6.  had mexican food (good mexican food) for dinner
7.  found some books that look good at the library
8.  found a shroom hook-up in st. louis  and an acid hook-up in tampa (never done shrooms. or acid. or been to tampa for that matter so those weren't actually that productive but it's nice to know the options are there)
9.  watched a shit-ton of Skins (learned that loser isn't an emotion. good to know)
10. came up with 2 ad campaigns (1 for a company that doesn't have enough money to advertise, 1 for a company that exists but a product that doesn't)
11. tried Buckler non-alcoholic beer. not nearly as good as real beer
12. found the only company in the US that imports Augustiner beer from Germany then found their local (Nashville) distribution partner.  calling them tomorrow
13. found a new dealer
14. started preparing for the GRE and researching grad schools

AND (most importantly)

15. made MAJOR progress as far as moving back to Columbia full time

solid fucking day

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